Supporting you to support your patients with hyperkalaemia

Report adverse events:

Adverse events should be reported to the Vifor Pharma group.


Resources are available to help your patients control their K+ levels.

Some of these provide more information for you and some are for you to pass onto your patients to help them understand hyperkalaemia and the medicine they have been prescribed and what else they can do to help lower their K+ levels. 

Please click on the appropriate tab above to access the relevant resources.


For you

Electrolyte factsheet

Information on the relevance and impact of the 3 key electrolytes sodium, magnesium and calcium in the context of patients treated with Veltassa®.


Hyperkalaemia infographic

A reminder of the key facts and figures around the prevalence of hyperkalaemia and how important it is to control serum K+ levels to enable patients with chronic kidney disease and/or heart failure to stay on guideline-recommended therapy.


Clinical trial infographics

Concise summaries of AMETHYST-DN, OPAL-HK, PEARL-HF and AMBER, providing details on study design, patient population, efficacy and safety endpoints.


Extended MoA animation

A more in-depth look at how Veltassa® works.

For your patients

How to take Veltassa®

A visual guide on how to take Veltassa® and a helpful chart to note when the dose was taken so that other medicines are not taken within the precautionary 3-hour period.


Patient tip sheet

A simple means to help you share key information about hyperkalaemia with your patients. It includes a description of hyperkalaemia, who is at risk, symptoms and treatments, and tips for a low-potassium diet. A chart is also provided that may help patients learn about low- and high-potassium foods.


Your guide to a low-potassium diet

A brochure to help you educate your patients on the correct diet choices for a low-potassium lifestyle. The brochure outlines high- and low-potassium foods, as well as other tips for adhering to a low-potassium diet.


Your kidneys and high potassium

A brochure to help you educate patients on the possible severe consequences of hyperkalaemia. The brochure provides essential information for patients about hyperkalaemia, including its causes, symptoms, treatment options, and the role of diet.


References & footnotes

K+, potassium; MoA, mechanism of action.


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