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Providing sustained, around the clock control of your patients’ K+, and proven to enable guideline-recommended RAASi treatment, Veltassa® is reliable and easy to use with no sodium-associated risk1–7

K+ control with Veltassa®

  • Chronic hyperkalaemia is a serious medical condition associated with high morbidity and mortality.8-13
  • RAASi treatment exacerbates the risk of hyperkalaemia.14
  • Guideline-recommended RAASi treatment improves outcomes in patients with CKD and heart failure.14-24
  • Stopping or discontinuing RAASi is associated with worse outcomes25


  • Proven to enable guideline-recommended RAASi treatment1,4,5,20,26
  • Reduces K+ levels from the first dose3
  • Sustained long-term K+ control2

to use

  • Once-daily dosing from the start7
  • Can be taken with apple or cranberry juice to suit individual tastes7

No Na+

  • No additional CV and renal risk due to Na+6


Sustained K+ control in
up to 95% of patients2


Effective regardless
of HK severity1


Round the clock




  • Veltassa® exchanges K+ for Ca2+, making it suitable for patients who cannot tolerate even a small increase in Na+ load.6,7
  • Veltassa® is specifically designed to act in the colon where the concentration of K+ is highest.6,7
MOA video


Hypokalaemia has not
been identified as an
ADR for Veltassa®7


No dose-related oedema
observed in over 52
weeks of treatment2


Positive risk/benefit
profile in clinical trials
and real world practice7

Simple and easy once-daily dosing



Information on how to take Veltassa: Step 1 MIX

Mix 3 tablespoons of water with an entire sachet of Veltassa®, then stir



Information on how to take Veltassa: Step 2 ADD

Add another 3 tablespoons of water and stir thoroughly. The powder will not dissolve and the mixture will look cloudy



Information on how to take Veltassa: Step 3 DRINK

Drink immediately. If powder remains in the glass after drinking, repeat steps 2 and 3 to ensure the entire dose is taken

  • The recommended starting dose of 1 x 8.4 g sachet per day is effective in >90% of patients7,27
  • Veltassa® can be taken with apple or cranberry juice to suit individual tastes7

References & footnotes

ADR, adverse drug reaction; Ca2+, calcium ions; CKD, chronic kidney disease; CV, cardiovascular; HK, hyperkalaemia; K+, potassium ions; MOA, mechanism of action; Na+, sodium ions; RAASi, renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system inhibitors.


Veltassa® is indicated for the treatment of hyperkalaemia in adults.7


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